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We passed the last of the outliers three days ago
Silhouettes in negative against space
Burnt out and open to nothingness
They drift on their final trajectory
Perhaps to enter orbit around some distant body
But for now, spent and useless

We are now the last
Life support, as always, perpetual
Everything that ever will be contained within our sphere
Impossibly thin solar array ten thousand kilometers long drift behind, invisibly wicking energy from nothing
Heat from hard vacuum, to push us forever onwards on a silver thread

We are the last, cast blindly into the future
All I see is light
A million, trillion points of light staring back


from The Endless Sea, released April 6, 2018


all rights reserved



Terminal Sound System

The Terminal Sound System makes music for the spaces between moments; quantum timeshards, proto-apocalyptic hymns and love songs for robots.

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